Mont Clare

The 80 bed Aged Care Facility takes in views over Claremont Town site, schools and the Swan River beyond. The design centres on the client’s philosophy “promoting resident focused care”, recognizing that quality of community life revolves around contact with family, children, animals and plants, principles complemented by buildings that create opportunities for residents to interact with people, nature, and the local environment, crafted to de-institutionalise long term care practice - returning control, dignity and a sense of wellbeing to residents and direct care staff.

Five independent residences link at the entry core housing administrative and circulation spaces. Within each secure residence, central primary living spaces emulate the street, the village, the city. No corridors. An enclosed terrace introduces natural light, ventilation and garden. Breaking down the walls between the elderly and society, pedestrian level gardens and private balconies engage with street activities.

Two full storey roof terraces supplement the accommodation, presenting opportunities to experience changing landscapes and the sky, a secure space to walk or sit, watch birds - a secure and convenient platform for inter-generational interaction. BBQ facilities are positioned under a shade structure composed of suspended PV cells - residents are proud of their environmental credentials