Part of the East Perth Redevelopment, the site is uniquely located 8m from the junction of the Swan River and sacred Parkland. A multi-dimensional composition of solids, voids and external faces (two to the Street and the two to the River). In river tones the knuckle between the two pavilions houses vertical circulation whilst defining the street entry. The entry sequence begins with a yolk coloured upstand penetrating each of the pavilions which meanders to meet the natural beauty of the Swan River beyond and spills over to define the ground floor volume below. The ground floor combines kitchen, dining, living and outdoor spaces, with conversation and wasting time pleasurably. The private domain is located on the top level - modelled on hotel suite accommodation and modes of relaxation. The master bedroom expands into the retreat and visitors enjoy private terraces overlooking the park. The riverside elevations make up the final two faces of the Quadrant. Confronted by a disregard for the otherwise pedestrian architectural landscape, the geometric cube expresses itself from the building - and projects over the park to evening diners at the exclusive 'Lamonts'. The suspended transparent volume opposite is a wall of windows and balances the composition as an apparent 'thin skin'.

Completed 2001