Parry Street Development

The site is located adjacent to one of four parks which form a formal square around an intersection on the border between the City of Fremantle and the adjacent residential area. This provides the site with a dual frontage, one facing the street and the other opening directly onto the park. Given its location on the fringe of the central business district, the site offered a wonderful potential for urban renewal by proposing a mixed use building consisting of ground floor retail, upper level commercial office and roof-top apartments with terraces.

In order to make best use of the site, a planning scheme amendment process was initiated to re-draft the outdated controls for the site and allow a more appropriate response to the context. This involved increasing the commercial office space yield, increasing the height of the building and reducing the boundary setbacks to promote a building consistent with the aspirations for the area’s future growth. Despite these aims, the proposal was sensitive to other aspects of the site’s context, particularly the significant heritage value of the nearby prison, which restricted the maximum height of the building in order to maintain the prison’s visual presence in the area.

Accordingly, the design response set the residential dwellings on the top floor back from the edge of the building. Rather than a compromise, this created the opportunity to provide outdoor terrace areas with access to expansive views. The street elevation, facing west, has a less enjoyable outlook and is subject to the afternoon sun. Here, a more solid wall was proposed, but one intended to activate the facade of the building as a billboard. The north face of the building, overlooking the park, opens the office spaces and terraces to the view over Queens Square. A screen of blades in varying depths was designed to provide solar protection, a sense of privacy and create different visual patterns as one drove past the building along High Street.