Monza Pasta Risotto

This project, located in bustling Oxford Street, Leederville, follows the national revival in all things Italian - especially food. The scheme expresses Monzas’ objective - a venue with an established feel and an enlivened cheery setting serving quality pasta and risotto. Approaching the restaurant, the facade is layered, partly cloaked in a striated timber screen, permitting partial glimpses - seducing the viewer to closer inspection and exposure to the internal dance of light. Internally, the dining area is organised into two primary spaces where aesthetics interweave between a contemporary European setting adjacent the street, and beyond, more consistent with local Italian restaurants prominent in the 1960’s and 70’s. Lighting evokes a sensory environment to be scrutinised and is integral to the interior, allowing details to transform over the course of the day, defining the sense of occasion. A canopy of parchment pendants designed and fabricated by H+AA are arranged in clusters defines a false ceiling, adjusting the proportions of the room, manipulating acoustics and asserting the bar as the focal point. Eclipsed by an elongated slab of pure white marble, the backdrop to the bar is a wine rack mysteriously floating on a canvas intensified by olive tones. The furniture, rear lights and rear mural carry the messages of quality and tradition - with the occasional sense of humour. Reminiscent of embossed wallpaper, the rear wall image was scanned from greaseproof cacciatore wrapping, then manipulated to the required proportions and tones.

Completed 2001