Isolated Reef House

Inspired by the mid century Californian architecture of Richard Neutra, in particular the Kaufman Residence; the key to the design of this home was achieving approval to build 1.6m above the local height restriction and take advantage of the extraordinary 360 degree views at this height. Organised around a central water garden, overlapping forms reduce the scale of the airy pavilion – like structure, high sliding glass doors dematerialize the walls, allowing the interior and exterior to become one. Generous proportions heighten the drama and the primary suspended element launches itself and the occupants from the site and into the view. Sustainable measures are employed throughout, including abundant daylight and cross ventilation, as well as environmentally-friendly finishes. Unexpected details add texture and warmth; the signature of the home being a fireplace within a window, glowing from a distance at night like a welcoming lantern of earlier years.