Grant Street Residence

The brief directed a simple eco-friendly rectilinear structure incorporating off site fabrication, short construction timeframe, durable and cost effective building materials - composed on a strict background of “Sthapatya Veda” principles governing orientation and proportion.

A corner site exposed to the elements and public, the home was conceived as a seaside bunker, formed in four “measures”; 1) Rendered masonry plinth; 2) Exposed Structure; 3) Orthogonal fibro skin and 4) Glazing screened to moderate solar gain and privacy – an interpretation of coastal vernacular fused with innovative construction techniques and Vedic principles.

In addition to a photovoltaic solar panel array, the homes green aspects include an airy open design and screened glass walls that retract to integrate inside and out. The highlight of the authority approval process was achieving a roof terrace offering panoramic views to ocean sunsets and a location to grow vegetables.