Forrest Street

The brief directed contemporary intervention, sensitive to a 1911 Cottesloe bungalow grinning from behind a series of ad-hoc additions. A “spatially agile design, generous and luxurious environment, subdued, elegant, a sense of spaciousness to communal areas - reminiscent of loft living.” One of the clients, a writer, required a bespoke library and writing space, hosting her book collection, piano and an “inspirational and light-filled solution” for the location of her writing desk. A series of elements define the intervention; firstly, at the entry courtyard - the writers desk isolates itself from the library, a “lantern” that projects over the garden, into the trees and sky; secondly, the original hallway delineates an axis from the exceptional Norfolk Pine, and extends through primary living spaces to the garden and north; and finally, the steel doors and jarrah soffit demarcate the rear addition, a verandah resting beside the garden. These pieces bind elements of the project.

Materials are inspired by the coastal setting. Passionate about sustainability, the client’s wanted a house “flooded with natural light, moderating summer glare, flexibility to enjoy climate shifts across the seasons – a living space open and breezy in summer and intimate and warm in winter”.