Fitzgerald Street

The site was formerly used for light industrial purposes in what is now an inner city location on the fringe of Northbridge. Changing demographics and nearby land uses provided this project with a unique opportunity for urban renewal. An increase in residential density of the area provides a range of benefits, including social, environmental and economic.

Central to the project’s success is the mixed-use program of podium office space and residential tower, ensuring the site is activated at all times. Being located close to public transport, the site caters to workers in the city who are seeking to reduce travel times associated with living in remote suburbs on large lots. Local cafes, shops and the adjacent park serve to augment the reduced dwelling size to ensure balanced, social lifestyles are maintained.

The residential tower is designed such that half of the units face north, maximising winter solar exposure, while looking over the park and tennis courts. The remaining units gain the benefit of views over the CDB to the south. Initiatives, such as reciprocal parking between the commercial and residential uses, were included as way of reducing unnecessary car bays and promoting environmentally sustainable forms of transport.