Cottesloe Hotel


The Enquiry by Design process (EBD), governed by state legislation, mandates a planning process driven by outcomes, rather than regulations. Our role as architect was reversed, from responding to planning conditions, to proposing them via designed solutions. This presented a new set of challenges and required intimate collaboration between the client side team, including ourselves, client and planning consultant.

The process involved a complex regulatory framework including both state legislation and local by-laws. Detailed consultation was required with a range of stakeholders, including private landowners, local residents, community organisations, the Tourism Council of Western Australia, the Heritage Council of Western Australia, the Department for Planning and local and state government.

The proposal for the site involved a restored boutique hotel, restaurant and bar within the existing building and a new apartment building of 46 dwellings constructed above a concealed car park. Seven luxury penthouses were proposed above the existing hotel, consistent with an existing heritage approval. The overall form of the building’s elements was sympathetic to the needs of local residents, by maintaining important view corridors and limiting heights to minimise overshadowing.

In order to strengthen the commercial feasibility of the project two unit types were designed for the site, in addition to the penthouses. Open ended, full length apartments were proposed for the second to seventh floors. In contrast to this, double-height townhouses with courtyards were designed at street level to provide a human scale for what is a significant development in a beach side suburb.