Arthouse Swanbourne

The client brief was arranged into a series of layers and experiences - located according to priority for privacy, views, protection from harsh weather, access to natural light and breezes, and the display of a growing art collection.

The concept was developed to generate interesting relationships; firstly, with the expansive views and climate (freedom and a link to nature); and secondly, a framed outlook to intimate gardens and artworks (connection to people and experiences). The key to the project’s success is the agility of the terrace as a filter between primary living spaces and the outdoors; sliding glass panels and an operable roof are configured to expand or contract in response to the elements – a 365 day useable space and heart of the home.

Responding to the brief, the home acts as a neutral domestic backdrop where art has a social function. A north facing strip window lights up the 8m high entry gallery; a volume that unfurls playfully to introduce the sky and emphasise relaxed coastal living.

Designed as an extension of the adjacent sand dune, streetscape landscaping has been inspired by the characteristics of local coastal vegetation and permeates into the site. 

Completed 2018